ReDS™ Technology is now available for sale in the US

Easy to use, non-invasive system for monitoring and management of lung fluid in patients with heart failure

A cost-effective end-to-end service that can reduce patient medical expenses

Health economic benefit: Shown in a clinical study to reduce hospital readmissions by 87%*. Helps keep HF patients out of the hospital and reduce cost. Powered by the ReDS™ System for lung fluid measurement, ReDS 360™ is a service that you can integrate into your existing program or connect with a dedicated service center.

Non-invasive lung fluid measurement for heart failure management

The ReDS™ System is the decision support tool you need to better monitor your heart failure patients and determine the treatment protocol that’s right for them. ReDS™ gives you an accurate, absolute, and actionable reading whether obtained at an in-person exam or through a remote monitoring service. ReDS™ has been shown in a clinical study * to reduce hospital readmissions.

Like your favorite blanket, the ReDS™ system wraps you in the best technology to help your doctor manage your heart failure and keep you safe at home

The ReDS™ system helps your doctor monitor and manage your heart failure. A simple vest worn over your clothes, ReDS allows you to quickly measure your lung fluid, allows your doctor to manage your treatment, and helps keep you at home, giving you the peace of mind that someone is always looking after you.

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ReDS™ technology for lung fluid measurement, originated in defense see-through-wall technology, that is used to find survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings. Sensible Medical has adapted this technology for medical use by using a vest worn over clothes to see through the chest "walls" and inside the lung. The ReDS measurement takes only 90 seconds and may be used in the hospital, at the clinic or at the comfort of a patient's home.

ReDS™ Technology

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  • Non-invasive vest – worn over your clothes

  • Remote monitoring – allows lung fluid to be monitored in the comfort of your home

  • Simple-to-use

  • A measurement takes only 90 seconds

  • An absolute measurement – requires no benchmark or historical data to evaluate

  • Shown in a clinical study to reduce hospital readmissions by 87%*

  • Demonstrated high patient compliance

  • Comprehensive offering with an integrated service center