Four Reasons to Love ReDS™

At last month’s HFSA annual meeting, doctors from leading heart failure (HF) programs revealed that using ReDSTM for lung fluid monitoring can reduce HF hospital readmissions by up to 75%. These physicians also lauded the ReDSTM system’s ease of use, popularity among HF patients, and its ability to extend the reach of HF doctors across the care continuum.

Their four main points are summarized below:

1. ReDSTM works! ReDSTM lung fluid monitoring helps to reduce hospital readmissions. 
ReDSTM noninvasively measures lung fluid across the continuum of care, delivering accurate, absolute measurements of lung fluid within 90 seconds.  Data presented at HFSA 2017 showed how using ReDSTM for lung fluid monitoring can help to reduce HF-related hospital readmissions by as much as 75%

2. ReDSTM extends the reach of HF doctors.
Dr. Sanjay Doddamani from Geisinger said that ReDSTM not only extended his ability to treat patients, but also energized community health assistants by allowing them another way to participate in hands-on healthcare with patients.
Dr. Daniel Bensimhon noted that ReDSTM empowered three home health nurses in one of his ReDS™ programs at Cone Health’s Randolph Hospital, allowing them more independence in administering HF care

3. ReDSTM is loved by patients!
“Patients really like this vest. They like getting that number. They like getting that instant feedback, to know where they are on that spectrum of lung fluid,” said Dr. Sean Pinney from Mount Sinai.

4. ReDSTM is easy to use.
Dr. Sanjay Doddamani told the panel that applying the technology was “relatively easy to do.”  Maybe you saw us at Booth #403 and received a free product demo that showcased the ease of ReDSTM deployment, and that it takes just 90 seconds to measure lung fluid.

We hope we had a chance to meet you at HFSA 2017, show you the ReDSTM system, and walk you through these four reasons why we’re loved by doctors, patients, and many others across the continuum of care. If we didn’t get a chance to see you at our panel, you can watch it here.