Sensible Medical ReDS Lung Fluid Monitor to Help COVID-19 Patients in Italy, US and Other Countries

Hospitals treating COVID-19 patients are looking to use the radar-based technology, previously used in heart-failure patients, to monitor lungs of coronavirus patients.

Sensible Medical has recently received urgent requests from hospitals around the world for its ReDS monitors systems to improve monitoring, treatment and resource use for COVID-19 patients. The company has already responded to the requests by providing multiple devices starting with hospitals in the Lombardy region in Italy (the current epicenter worldwide outbreak).

One of the most pressing medical challenges brought on by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is determining which patients need immediate care. Physicians are looking to find out as early as possible when patients start to deteriorate; but effective tools like chest CT scans cannot be used at the bed-side, and cannot provide real-time monitoring. The monitor (called the ReDS System) has shown very high correlation to CT scans in evaluating lung fluids and can continuously monitor lung fluid levels, offering real-time insights on any deterioration in the patient’s status.

16th April 2020