Outpatient clinic

ReDS™ can help improve treatment titration and the overall monitoring to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. At the clinic, ReDS can assist the Heart Failure trained nurses when checking the patient’s status. Combined with traditional parameters assessed, the lung fluid measurement result can provide the nurse with a better understanding of the status of the patient and quickly decide on treatment recommendation.

Emergency Department (ED)

One of the main challenges for the physicians at the emergency department, is to ensure that patients are being effectively treated, while avoiding overutilization of scarce ED resources. By providing an accurate, fast and absolute measurement, ReDS™ helps improve triage and decision support, and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

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CHF Ward

ReDS™ helps evaluate a patient’s readiness to be discharged, and reduce re-hospitalization. Discharging a patient too soon may lead to readmission to the hospital, and financial penalties. Once hospitalized, ward physicians would like to keep patients hospitalized for the minimum necessary effective days.